TOOT was debut from 2001.

It always proposes the new putting on feelings of solid cutting and unique design.

TOOT is Japanese brand for men's underwear.
We could boast said TOOT caused the law-rise boom in men's underwear marketing. Now you could find TOOT in famous department around in Japan and it is beginning the worldwide marketing from Asia.

Recent there are some brands would like to cut the cost for produce and overseas production; there also have increased similar brand like TOOT. But TOOT has own factory in Japan and has height quality needlework technology and sticking to original cotton stretch, the design of sporty, sexy and there are many patronages from wild ages.

The thing to collect abundant lineups is a popular secret of TOOT even in the one of the elaborate making like appareling outer by cannot the desire because of the one of daily the undergarment original as the man undergarment.

The owned pleasure, the shown pleasure, and the felt pleasure are all blocked in only one piece in the commodity of TOOT though it thinks the meaning of "Match undergarment" to be multifarious.


Made in TOOT, made in Japan.
When you wear comfortable underwear you will change your mood. Underwear is most dedicated item with your body all day.

Underwear is most dedicated item with your body all day. For a underwear maker's duty that 120% satisfy quality from our customers is our priority. In the distribution industry in cost-sensitive,that is why TOOT persist made in Japan. In Japan, there are many excellent technical workman and manufacturing the world recognized. [Made in TOOT] is the spirit of a true workman and TOOT concept is harmony and spirit of innovation.

TOOT always offer "Priceless Value"

It can be achieved because our own factory for price, for high quality. TOOT always offer " Priceless Value" to our customers. You can still feel its fit even you wash it many times. The fabric and coloring can let you still feel it's strong and fade. That is TOOT's quality and cost performance. TOOT does not ask other subcontract factory easy. Our design is close-up,but please feel its comfortable by your skin.