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  • TSX Bikini Swim
    ¥6,000(tax excl.)
  • Multi-Gradation Box Swim
    ¥7,000(tax excl.)
  • Binding Cup Bikini
    ¥3,800(tax excl.)
  • Neon Color Super Nano
    ¥4,000(tax excl.)
  • Bikini Line Short Boxer
    ¥4,300(tax excl.)
  • Smooth Pile Tank Top
    ¥9,000(tax excl.)
  • Smooth Pile Shorts
    ¥14,000(tax excl.)
  • TOOT Monogram Nano
    ¥4,300(tax excl.)
  • Tie-Up Boxer
    ¥5,600(tax excl.)



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Silk Boxer

“We set out to tailor underwear able to endure domestic washing machines, all the while retaining the quality of pure silk.” TOOT and SHIDORI® together accomplish an ambition nobody else could.


Our swimwear is featured in its plenty of variations that color your life stylish and sophisticated. They team best with wide range of occasions from training scene in a gym or a pool to marine leisure time.


We introduce for the person who knows TOOT for the first time.Four points that lead to realize the ultimately comfortable fit, popular questions, etc.


TOOT is Japanese men’s underwear brand.Our captive factory in Japan guarantees honing technical expertise and never changing commitment to quality.


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