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Our appealing swimwear features diverse variations. They utilize superior features that are included in all major sports apparel makers, such as elasticity, UV cut, and chlorine resistance. They are made in a shape that supports all kinds of dynamic body movements. They are ideal for all kinds of purposes, including exercising or swimming at the gym, and marine leisure activities. The tight, low-rise design will enhance the strong looks of your upper body. We have put together a swimwear lineup that will stylishly color any sports scene, while tightly, yet comfortably fitting your body, and protecting your skin from UV rays, as well as sand with its rash guard.

TSX swim bikini

¥6,000(tax excl.)

Laminated swim bikini

¥18,000(tax excl.)

Laminated swim pants

¥21,000(tax excl.)

TSX competition swimsuit 2016

¥5,200(tax excl.)

Surf swim short

¥8,000(tax excl.)

Danshisenka surf swim

¥8,200(tax excl.)

TSX Surf swim16

¥9,200(tax excl.)

Brushed BOX swim

¥6,000(tax excl.)

TSX Short surf 16

¥6,800(tax excl.)

Big TSX print swim

¥5,700(tax excl.)

TSX Stitch swim

¥5,200(tax excl.)

TSX short boxer

¥5,700(tax excl.)

TSX Racing swim 2015

¥5,200(tax excl.)

TSX 18pt Surf

¥5,700(tax excl.)

TSX rash guard

¥8,500(tax excl.)

TSX rushguard parka

¥12,800(tax excl.)

Swim inner boxer

¥3,400(tax excl.)


Making a stunning debut in 2001, We TOOT up and coming Japanese underwear bland. We have been devoting itself to the pursuit of perfection, honing technical expertise and sure-fire senses through rigorous experiences.
These days, most blands tend to step up overseas production for cost-cutting, however, we keep making products in our factory(in Hyuga City, MIyazaki Prefecture) with advanced sewing tequnique and quality management