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Only TOOT brings you such a wide arrange of items, such as those that you can wear causally, like sporty up-down jerseys that utilize fleece lining, and shorts that are perfect for the summer, as well as denim, chinos, pea coats, and leather jackets that are designed and produced from scratch. Of course we never compromise when choosing materials, and we are scrupulous about our entire process, down to the sewing. Moreover, you cannot miss the popular, brand-name products that were selected by TOOT Taste. We hope you enjoy the best apparel wear chosen by TOOT.

Studs sweat pants

¥20,000(tax excl.)

Zip Up sweatshirt

¥18,000(tax excl.)

Wolf fur vest

¥160,000(tax excl.)

Mouton flight jacket

¥250,000(tax excl.)

Tilt Line Tank-top

¥6,300(tax excl.)

Lightning Bolt T

¥6,400(tax excl.)

Seersucker Pants

¥12,000(tax excl.)

Cotton running shorts

¥8,000(tax excl.)

Airy spandex pullover

¥15,000(tax excl.)


¥6,800(tax excl.)

Glitter shorts

¥10,000(tax excl.)

Seven polo

¥9,500(tax excl.)

High gauge tank top

¥7,000(tax excl.)

High gauge running short

¥9,000(tax excl.)

Modal cotton shorts

¥8,000(tax excl.)

Cotton stretch tank-top

¥5,700(tax excl.)

Gauze stripe shirt

¥16,000(tax excl.)

Laminated swim jacket

¥30,000(tax excl.)

Laminated shorts

¥26,000(tax excl.)

Seven union suit

¥14,000(tax excl.)

Hard twisted gabardine pea coat

¥45,000(tax excl.)

Quilt Jacquard union suit

¥16,000(tax excl.)

Guernsey Sheep Fleece

¥12,000(tax excl.)

Vintage knit crew

¥16,000(tax excl.)

Retro airy fleece

¥22,000(tax excl.)

Side metallic lame T

¥8,000(tax excl.)

Fireman duffle coat

¥55,000(tax excl.)

Melton MA1

¥45,000(tax excl.)

Dress shirt

¥15,000(tax excl.)

Engineer pants

¥21,000(tax excl.)


Making a stunning debut in 2001, We TOOT up and coming Japanese underwear bland. We have been devoting itself to the pursuit of perfection, honing technical expertise and sure-fire senses through rigorous experiences.
These days, most blands tend to step up overseas production for cost-cutting, however, we keep making products in our factory(in Hyuga City, MIyazaki Prefecture) with advanced sewing tequnique and quality management