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TOOT is mainly known for making men's underwear, but we also feature a lineup of original, daily-use goods. You get used to using accessories on parts of your body. Possessing them makes you overjoyed, and while they are simple, they still make a special impression. We recommend enjoying various combinations, while trying to coordinate them to fit your mood. Also, if we are speaking of daily-use items, all TOOT towels are Imabari towels. Experience understanding the great quality of the texture the second it touches your hand.

SV Buckle bracelet(Pony)

¥10,000(tax excl.)

SV Buckle bracelet

¥9,000(tax excl.)

L type wallet

¥15,000(tax excl.)

L type wallet spawn

¥23,000(tax excl.)

Wallet Leather Chain

¥13,800(tax excl.)

Python combination Wallet

¥36,000(tax excl.)

Pony Python Wallet

¥38,000(tax excl.)


¥9,000(tax excl.)

Men's Belt-Fur

¥18,000(tax excl.)

Men's Belt-Black

¥12,000(tax excl.)

Men's Belt-Chocolate

¥12,000(tax excl.)

Men's Belt-White Cracking

¥15,000(tax excl.)

Men's Belt-Nume

¥12,000(tax excl.)

A-002 Tote Luc

¥23,000(tax excl.)


Making a stunning debut in 2000, We TOOT up and coming Japanese underwear bland. We have been devoting itself to the pursuit of perfection, honing technical expertise and sure-fire senses through rigorous experiences.
These days, most blands tend to step up overseas production for cost-cutting, however, we keep making products in our factory(in Hyuga City, MIyazaki Prefecture) with advanced sewing tequnique and quality management