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If you are giving someone a pair of TOOT boxer briefs as a present, we recommend you give it to them in a gift set, which comes with stickers and a message card in a craft paper gift bag. We have two gift bag sizes available, and stickers come in normal style or in a birthday style, so you can customize your gift set. You can express your feelings of gratitude on our boxer-brief-shaped message cards, which symbolize TOOT. TOOT can be confident in recommending our underwear, which features both exceptional design and functionality, as a present to express your gratitude to important friends and people who help you out on a daily basis.

Gift wrapping set THX" BIG"

¥450(tax excl.)


Making a stunning debut in 2000, We TOOT up and coming Japanese underwear bland. We have been devoting itself to the pursuit of perfection, honing technical expertise and sure-fire senses through rigorous experiences.
These days, most blands tend to step up overseas production for cost-cutting, however, we keep making products in our factory(in Hyuga City, MIyazaki Prefecture) with advanced sewing tequnique and quality management