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In this category, we present an abundant lineup of boxer briefs, that are made of totally quality material and brimming with originality. Underwear comes into contact with your body's most delicate areas all day long. For this reason, we tightly control production of theses products at our domestic, company-run factories, making sure that only reliable, quality material, and advanced sewing technologies are used. These popular boxer briefs were made to fit your body no matter how you move, so not only are they good for regular wear, but are suitable as innerwear for sports as well. By using materials, such as our original cotton stretch and breathable mesh, and a rigid selection process of what goes where, we are able to offer a distinctively comfortable fit. Make sure to try out these items that bring together all of TOOT's technologies and show our true worth.

Mesh chaps




SEVEN nano


Mesh open nano


Flat Cup nano


16print nano



Making a stunning debut in 2001, We TOOT up and coming Japanese underwear bland. We have been devoting itself to the pursuit of perfection, honing technical expertise and sure-fire senses through rigorous experiences.
These days, most blands tend to step up overseas production for cost-cutting, however, we keep making products in our factory(in Hyuga City, MIyazaki Prefecture) with advanced sewing tequnique and quality management