Item No. FT16J367000000

20th Fit Trunks

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Item No. FT16J367000000
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20th Fit Trunks

【Design & Function】
Trunks with a shape unique to TOOT with the front part made into a cup shape by three-dimensional sewing. Made from 100% polyester seersucker fabric that stretches vertically and horizontally. The deep slits in the leg holes make it easy to move, and it feels refreshing and comfortable on the skin. The number on the side and the army-style cat-eye button on the front opening increase the masculines. Hope you enjoy the boxer-like stability of the front and the perfect silhouette unique to these fit trunks.

唯有TOOT才能縫製出的立體囊袋平口貼身四角。縱橫皆具有彈性100%聚酯纖維的泡泡紗布料使用。自在活動的褲腳開叉設計,輕輕的肌膚觸感更顯清涼。側邊的數字印字與前開式囊袋,如同貼身四角安定,固定的囊袋設計是Fit Trunks特徵。

* Please wash the products with net.
* When wash, use mild laundry detergent which does not contain fluorescent brightening agent.
* As dark-colored products might lose its color, we recommend to wash it by itself.
* Please fix a shape of the products and dry them out of direct sunlight after a removal of water.
* Please avoid tumble dry.
* As delicate materials are used for the products, please be careful with frictions and clawing.
* Please do not iron the print part.

Made in JAPAN
2020-09-28 UP.

Polyester 100%

Model size: M
(Height 176cm/ Weight 72kg/Hip 95cm)

S size: Hip 82-89cm (68-76cm waist)
M size: Hip 88-95cm (76-84cm waist)
L size: Hip 94-101cm (84-94cm waist)
XL Size: Hip 100-108cm (94-104cm waist)
* 1cm = 0.39inch

* To wear comfortable, we recommend you to select by the size of your actually measured HIP SIZE, rather than waist size.