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【Design & Function】
These are new boxer briefs instilled with TOOT’s unique style, with an inspiration from running pants. By using nylon-based fabric, we made the item look exactly like running pants. Special fabric equipped with deodorant, hygroscopicity, and quick-drying properties is used for the area of gusset so that you will feel a comfort of wearing even during a sweaty season. Bold slits, which emphasize your well-trained thighs, are also appealing.

新感覺 馬拉松跑步短褲設計概念款

A stretch nylon with characteristics of excellent kickback and matte surface.
Stretch polyester is used for gusset parts.

※Please avoid tumble dry.
※As dark-colored products might lose its color, we recommend to wash it by itself. Please fix a shape of the products and dry them out of direct sunlight after a removal of water. Please avoid leaving the products without drying them.
※As delicate materials are used for the products, please be careful with frictions and clawing.
※Please wash the products with net.
※As changes in color and losses of color might happen, please be careful with strong direct sunlight.

Made in JAPAN
2018-09-06 UP.

Nylon 90%/ Polyurethane 10%
(Switching parts)Polyester 82%/ Polyurethane 18%
  • (Waist rubber)▼

    • Polyester 52%/ Nylon 40%/ Polyurethane 8%

*We recommend that you select the item based on the size of your hip, rather than your waist, as the measure around your hip determines how comfortably the underwear will fit.

Size Chart:
S size: Hip 82 - 89 cm (waist 68 - 76 cm)
M size: Hip 88 - 95 cm (waist 76 - 84 cm)
L size: Hip 94 - 101 cm (waist 84 - 94 cm)
XL size: Hip 100 - 108 cm (waist 94 - 104 cm)

Wide Slit nano

*Note:Converted price is an estimate based on the exchange rate of November 27th, 2020., not a settlement price.

4,300(tax excl.)

Product code:

Reward points: 215pt(The points will be given when the item is shipped. )
Expected delivery days after 3 days

COLOR: white


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