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【Design & Function】
An original obi belt from TSUKIKAGEYA, a Japanese clothing maker who fuses out of the box thinking with their dedication to upholding traditional manufacturing methods, made luxuriously with Tango chirimen silk. It features a same-color wickerwork pattern, and Tsukikageya embroidery in golden thread on the section from where you start wrapping. This pure white silk obi will match every type of yukata; it's a product which you'll love using for a very long time.

- If dirtied or stained, please consult a specialist store such as stain removal as soon as possible.
- Please do not wash at home.
- Even when not using this item, please keep it shaded 2-3 times a year when the weather is fine and dry.
- Sweat and moisture may cause discoloration or mold, so when storing this item, please avoid humid or poorly ventilated areas.
- If mold grows, it may not stop even if the stains are removed.
- When storing, do not use plastic bags. Please be sure not to place scented bags directly on this item.
- Do not apply perfume as it may cause discoloration.

Made in JAPAN
2019-06-21 UP.

100% Silk

SIZE: Width approx. 412cm × Length approx. 9.5cm
※1cm = 0.39inch

Tango Chirimen Silk White Obi Belt

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