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We would like to express our deepest apologies to all of our customers for the concern and inconvenience caused by the odor issue of our product named "Reflector Line super nano (product number: SN39J371)."
We announce this product has been treated at the fabric factory to eliminate this odor, and decided to release this product again at a revised price.

「Reflector Line super nano」(產品型號:SN39J371)因產品本身的異味乙事,造成各位顧客的擔心與困擾,本公司深感抱歉。

(Edited on March 31, 2021)

【Design & Function】
Energetic super nano boxers with a neon color line that catches your eye. Retro-reflective stretch tape on the leg holes and waist reflects light. They gives off a strong presence with even the slightest light in the dark. The body parts uses Technofine(R), a highly-functional quick-drying sports material with excellent absorbency. It has a soft touch on the skin, stays dry and comfortable, and is also highly practical.

一款讓人眼睛為之一亮的螢光線條的Super nano貼身四角。褲腳與褲頭使用回射反光彈性緞帶。在黑暗中僅需微光就能強烈感受到它的存在感。使用吸水,速乾的運動機能材質的TECHNOFINE®︎,柔軟觸感與卓越的乾爽穿著感。

* Note: The width of the fluorescent knit stretch tape on the waist and the leg holes may be slightly different depending on the lot (about 1 to 2 mm). Please be aware in advance that there is no problem with the quality and their look are almost the same.

* Please wash the products with net.
* When wash, use mild laundry detergent which does not contain fluorescent brightening agent.
* As dark-colored products might lose its color, we recommend to wash it by itself.
* Please fix a shape of the products and dry them out of direct sunlight after a removal of water.
* Please avoid tumble dry.

Made in JAPAN
2020-09-16 UP.

Polyester 81%/ Polyurethane 19%
(Switching part)Nylon 71%/ Polyurethane 29%

Model size: M
(Length 175cm/ Weight 80kg/Hip 98cm)

Size Chart:
S size: Hip 82-89cm (68-76cm waist)
M size: Hip 88-95cm (76-84cm waist)
L size: Hip 94-101cm (84-94cm waist)
XL Size: Hip 100-108cm (94-104cm waist)
* 1cm = 0.39inch

* We recommend that you select the item based on the size of your hip, rather than your waist, as the measure around your hip determines how comfortably the underwear will fit.

Reflector Line super nano

*Note:Converted price is an estimate based on the exchange rate of April 19th, 2021., not a settlement price.

3,960(tax included)

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Reward points: 180pt(The points will be given when the item is shipped. )
Expected delivery days after 3 days
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