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【Design & Function】
A nano boxer made of royal leather, which has a surface similar to genuine leather. This glossy synthetic leather is strethy in a lateral direction, and the texture is very pliant and soft. The inside has a gentle touch suede finish, so it makes this piece easy to put on and off. Besides the silhouette is simple, yet the lines which trace the cores on both sides add a sporty image on this sexy black luster. As it can be handwashed, it is easy to care for and keep. This piece can also be worn as a set with the "Royal Leather T-shirt".


Royal Leather T-shirt

* Please avoid using laundry machine and use your gentle hand in washing.
* When wash, use mild laundry detergent which does not contain fluorescent brightening agent.
* As dark-colored products might lose its color, we recommend to wash it by itself.
* As changes in color and losses of color might happen, please be careful with strong direct sunlight.
* Please avoid tumble dry.
* Avoid high temperature and humidity.

Made in JAPAN
2020-10-30 UP.

Synthetic leather

Model size: M
(Length 175cm/ Weight 80kg/Hip 98cm)

Size Chart:
S size: Hip 82-89cm (68-76cm waist)
M size: Hip 88-95cm (76-84cm waist)
L size: Hip 94-101cm (84-94cm waist)
XL Size: Hip 100-108cm (94-104cm waist)
* 1cm = 0.39inch

* We recommend that you select the item based on the size of your hip, rather than your waist, as the measure around your hip determines how comfortably the underwear will fit.

Royal Leather nano

*Note:Converted price is an estimate based on the exchange rate of May 11th, 2021., not a settlement price.

8,250(tax included)

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Reward points: 375pt(The points will be given when the item is shipped. )
Expected delivery days after 3 days
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