The collaboration by EVANGELION and TOOT is launched now!
What made this deployment of "EVANGELION x TOOT" collabo for underwear collection come true is nothing but the achievement of TOOT's creation with pride; in the best balancing between irresistless comfortability that well-crafted production resulted in and the excellence in cool, unique and fashionable design.





Here we have are the plugsuit models designed with the color images of the plugsuits of SHINJI IKARI and KAWORU NAGISA.
Both patterns are based on a TOOT's popular form called 'nano boxer.'
Their low rise form give a silhouette with sharp impression.
Also their three-dimensionally and technically crafted front cup provide a wear comfortability which makes us feel holded in the right way.
This stable feeling is the distinctiveness of products by TOOT that you can enjoy.


A smooth-on-skin and high in elasticity nylon material is utilized to body parts and a binder around the front cup, it produces a stretchy and light wear feel. And leg holes, left and right side of body part, and a gusset part where easily get sweaty are made of a mesh fabric to let them feature a high ventilation with sensibleness. Portion parts with those mesh fabrics are joined together by flat-seamer sewing, making the touch on skin so smooth as extremely stress-free. Also a rare-to-be-seen sewing among underwear sewing called 'bar tack stitching' is done to make the seam at bottom joint of front cup reinforced, then not let threads come apart easily, so to make the quality last long.

Body and Binder: Nylon 71%, Polyurethane 29% Mesh: Polyester 79%, Polyurethane 21% Waistband: Polyester 78%, Nylon 11%, Polyurethane 10%, Rayon 1% Brand Name Tag (on front): Polyester 100%

Waistband design is a original by TOOT, it also features smooth touch and high in stretchability.
Its finishing is accented with a small woven brand name tag.

Elastic rubber print has high durability,
even after repeated washing, the surface is not easily cracked and lasts a long time.


On the hip part, they have the same number logo with the plugsuits of SHINJI and KAWORU by rubber printing.

Now the distinctive sporty design with persistence for material function and well-sewing by TOOT,
as it is, are resulted as the new fusion with the world of EVANGELION.






With the motif of 8th Angel, its vivid print is dynamically applied on these boxers. The shape of these boxers are based on a TOOT's popular 'nano boxer.' Also their three-dimensionally and technically crafted front cup provide a excellent holding sensation. You can experience a stable sense of comfort unique to TOOT.


The body of these boxers are made of a nylon fabric that feels light and smooth on the skin. The binders surrounding the leg holes and front cup utilize a nylon fabric which has a natural kickback and excellent elasticity. It stretches well, is resistant to being worn out of shape, and feels light when worn. The TOOT original waistband has a silky shine. Not only the design but also the material expresses the texture of 8th Angel.

Body : Nylon 72%, Polyurethane 28% Binder : Nylon 71%, Polyurethane 29% Waistband : Nylon 91%, Polyurethane 9% Brand Name Tag (on front) : Polyester 100%

The waistband with a silky shine feels soft and natural on the skin. It is accented with a small woven brand name tag.

Brightly colored print are boldly applied to express the scale and dynamic nature of 8th Angel.


The three-dimensional sewing of the front cup maintains stability and is sewn with flat-seamers to have those seams flat. This makes its touch so smooth and reduces stress on the skin. The lower front area is reinforced with 'bar tack stitching', which is rarely used in sewings of underwear. This makes our underwear more durable.

This 'bar tack stitching' makes the threads resistant to fraying and improves the underwear's durability. Such an extra sewing makes the life of an underwear last longer.

Expresses the flowing, richly colored curves of 8th Angel by matching the patterns one by one.

While maintaining TOOT's own wear comfort and careful sewing, it is designed fusing the world view of EVANGELION to make it a cool accent item for everyone's everyday life.

EVANGELION A-08 nano Black


EVANGELION A-08 nano Red