TOOT LTD. (hereinafter referred to as TOOT) has established below the guidelines for members' services (including product procurement by members), provided by the "TOOT Website(", which is managed by TOOT, and accessible by members as defined in Article 2.
The guidelines are defined in the "TOOT Website membership agreement" (hereinafter referred to as the MEMBERSHIP) below.

Article 1 (Scope of membership)

  1. The MEMBERSHIP applies to members and TOOT in reference to the usage of members' services (including product purchases by members) provided by the "TOOT Website".
  2. Members are expected to comply sincerely with the MEMBERSHIP when utilizing members' services.
  3. TOOT reserves the right to amend and add to the MEMBERSHIP without prior consent of the members. MEMBERSHIP changes will come into effect when the amended MEMBERSHIP is uploaded on the TOOT website.

Article 2 (Members)

  1. Members refer to those individuals who have agreed with the content of the MEMBERSHIP, in addition, have completed the registration process set forth by TOOT. Registration by a new registrant may be rejected or erased by TOOT, once it becomes apparent the new registrant applies to one of the following conditions.
    1. The registrant is nonexistent.
    2. The registrant is already a member. (A double registration can't be accepted.)
    3. Membership privileges have been suspended or erased, due to a prior violation of the Membership.
    4. Information provided to TOOT in the registration is falsified, in error or missing.
    5. The registrant or any family member living in the same residence delays payment to TOOT.
    6. TOOT determines the registrant is not suitable to become a member.
  2. Members are required to modify their registrations immediately when the member's name, address, phone number, or any other information included in the registration is changed.

Article 3 (Utilization of service)

  1. Members can utilize members' services in accordance with the MEMBERSHIP and rules outlined per service free or at fee basis.
  2. In the case of fee based services, the total amount and the method of payment will be determined by TOOT.
  3. In the event of a dispute between the member and credit companies or credit card payment service companies concerning the amount or payment responsibilities, the dispute should be settled between respective parties.
  4. If the service is for free (due percentage discounts, price negotiations, or others), the margin or discount percentage will be determined by TOOT.TOOT is not able to exchange giveaway, or to satisfy a claim for contents.

Article 4 (Management of ID, Password)

  1. In order to access members' services, the member is required to use the member ID and password inputted at the time of registration.
  2. Members accept responsibility for managing the ID and password after registration.
  3. Members are required not to let third parties use the ID and password, or not to lend, transfer, trade, and pawn it.
  4. Members accept responsibility for the losses from supervisory oversight of the ID and password, error in usage of it, use by third parties and others. We aren't supposed to take responsibility for it.
  5. Members are required to contact TOOT immediately, and follow instructions from TOOT, if needed, when the ID and password are stolen, or they realize third parties use it.
  6. Members can check the ID and password on TOOT website.

Article 5(Administration and utilizing of personal information)

  1. TOOT recognizes the information regarding members (hereinafter referred to as the PERSONAL INFORMATION) as extremely important and preserves members' privacy.
  2. TOOT confines registrations to the minimum necessaries enough to provide members' services and won't utilize the PERSONAL INFORMAITION for any other purposes than members' services and the identification.
  3. TOOT sets the chief administrator to manage the PERSONAL INFORMATION properly, and practices proper and rational safety measures in addition to prevent from the flow of the PERSONAL INFORMATION outside.

Article 6 (Prohibited activities of members)

  1. Members are forbidden to utilize the information provided in members' services for any other purposes than private business. Prohibited activities don't include the ones TOOT accepted in advance.
  2. The following activities are prohibited in utilizing members' services.
    1. One offends public order and morals.
    2. One goes against the law.
    3. One violates other members' or a third party's copyright and other *IPRs.
    4. One puts other members or third parties at a disadvantage.
    5. One violates other members' or third parties' privacy.
    6. One is similar to referral sales plans, such as electoral campaigns, religious activities, and pyramid schemes.
    7. One obstructs other members' access to members' services.
    8. One obstructs TOOT's management and operation.
    9. One does business, abusing members' services.
    10. One is inappropriate to the MEMBERSHIP.
    11. *IPRs: intellectual property rights

Article 7 (Cancel)

  1. Members are supposed to report us by using a form in TOOT website, if they cancel the registration.
  2. Members are regarded they cancel at the moment when they pass away.

Article 8(Expiration date, Suspension and Erasion of membership privileges)

  1. Membership privileges are of unlimited duration as a general rule while TOOT is offering the "TOOT Website".
  2. Membership privileges may be suspended or erased without prior notice or peremptory notice to the members if the following condition happens.
    1. It becomes apparent the member applies to one of the following conditions defined in the first section in Article 2.
    2. TOOT can't contact the member, due to a change of the member's address, phone number, or e-mail address.
    3. The member delays payment to TOOT.
    4. The member violates Article 7, or other Articles of the MEMBERSHIP.
    5. TOOT determines the member is not suitable to be a member.

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