Regarding the handling of personal information

Person in charge of protecting personal information

This "Regarding the handling of personal information" defines the basic guidelines of TOOT Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "this company") with regard to personal information which is acquired and used by this company.
As a company which handles personal information (information that can identify a specific individual), this company has established the following "personal information protection policy," and will observe laws related to the protection of personal information, other related regulations, and “Regarding the handling of personal information” in the handling of personal information.
If there is any contradiction between what the English language version of the Terms says and Japanese language version says, then the Japanese language version shall take precedence.

Privacy Policy

  • This company will acquire, use, and provide personal information to an extent which is appropriate and which takes into account the details and scope of business of this company.
  • We will take measures to prevent disclosure, destruction, or damage to personal information, as well as promptly undertaking corrective measures in the unlikely event that occurs.
  • We will observe laws related to the handling of personal information, national guidelines, and other standards.
  • We will respond honestly and promptly to inquiries from customers concerning personal information.
  • We will continually improve the structure of our personal information management.

Regarding the collection of personal information

When browsing this site normally, it is not necessary for customers to enter or disclose any information about themselves, they are free to use it anonymously.

However, for the likes of membership registration, purchasing products, or making inquiries, we ask that customers enter the likes of their name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address.

In doing so, we use the likes of Cookies to obtain the following information.

  • Information such as the type of access terminal and operating system.
  • The advertisement identifier number assigned to each terminal.
  • IP address information.
  • Information on the internet connection.
  • Location information.
  • Referrer information.
  • Time stamp information for the likes of browsing URL, date, and time.
  • Information related to use of the service.
  • Server log information.

Regarding purposes of use of this information, please refer to "Regarding purposes of individual use," and regarding management, please refer to "Regarding the handling of personal information for each product and service."

Regarding purposes of use

Upon having specified the purposes of use as much as possible, with the exception of cases in which consent has been obtained in advance from the individual, or handling as an exception due to laws or other regulations related to the protection of personal information is allowed, this company will utilize personal information within the scope of the following purposes.

  1. Work required for the delivery of products, settlement of payment, inquiries from our company to customers, related after-sales service, and other executions of business based on applications such as purchase of products and gifts.
  2. Work required for providing membership services and related after-sales services based on membership registration.
  3. Information on new products and services.
  4. Responding to inquiries made by customers to this company by the likes of e-mail, post, telephone, and fax.
  5. Usages required for providing this company’s services in connection with (1) to (4) above.
  6. Use within the company of customers’ personal attributes, such as sex, age, and residential area, as well as purchase and browsing history, and browsing environment, as marketing materials.

In cases where it is necessary to use personal information for purposes other than the above-mentioned purposes of use, with the exception of cases in which consent has been obtained in advance from the individual, or handling as an exception due to laws or other regulations related to the protection of personal information is allowed, we will obtain the individual’s consent for this use. In addition, this company may entrust part of each task to an outsourcing company and entrust the handling of personal information to the said outsourcing company within the necessary scope. In this case, we will manage this appropriately according to laws and regulations, and to standards we have established.

Regarding provision to third parties

This company will not provide or disclose any personal information we have obtained to any third party, except for cases which correspond to any of the following.

  • Cases where we have the individual’s consent.
  • Cases where it is necessary for the protection of human life, health, or property, and it is difficult to obtain the individual’s consent.
  • Cases where we are requested to disclose or provide it based on other laws and regulations.

Regarding disclosure, modification, and discontinuation of use of registered content

This company will disclose personal information to individuals at their request, so long as it does not hinder the proper execution of our business. In this case, we will verify the individual’s identity using our designated method. Regarding the amendment of registration details or the desire to cancel registration by individuals, we will respond promptly by receiving these via the designated point of contact and procedure.

Regarding the handling of personal information for each product and service

This company may determine the handling of personal information, including the purposes of use of personal information, provision to third parties, security, and contact information for the likes of each product, service-related site, e-mail, and other types of information individually for each of the said products and services. In this case, when there are regulations or special regulations which differ from "Regarding the handling of personal information," we will give priority to matters which concern the handling of personal information determined for the likes of each said product and service.

Regarding revisions

"Regarding the handling of personal information" may be changed without notice due to the likes of revisions to related laws and regulations and changes to the policies of this company.

Regarding the initiatives of this site

Initiatives to improve security
When personal information and credit card information is entered on this site, we use SSL (data encryption technology) to prevent the information which is entered from being intercepted, interfered with, or falsified.
In addition, when paying online using a credit card, the customer’s card information will be sent to the card company, screened, and payment will be settled directly then and there through collaboration with VeriTrans Co., Ltd. Our company does not retain credit card information.
*SSL: Abbreviation for Secure Sockets Layer. Standard technology used as a security measure for communication on a website, which encrypts the entire communication when transmitting entered data to the internet.
Regarding the use of cookies
This site uses "Cookies” to provide some functions (including the shopping cart).
This is for identifying the customer’s computer, and will not store personal information such as the customer’s name, address, telephone number, or e-mail address in the cookies.
*Cookie: A mechanism that stores information sent from the server to the customer’s computer which is accessing the site.
Regarding access log acquisition
This site records the customer’s access history (access log) for the purpose of maintaining the website and improving services. This log is historical information such as the browsing page, date and time, and browsing environment of the customer who accessed this site, and does not include information that can identify individuals.
Point of contact for inquiries

2018/12/19 UPDATE.