TOOT wants to deliver the best experience.
We continue to challenge ourselves everyday with the aim of creating underwear that not only enriches your day
but can be experienced with pride and joy.



The innovative design that highlights masculinity is created based on a free idea that is not bound by underwear. A three dimensionally designed silhouette, fit, and color scheme all to ensure beauty when worn. TOOT’s commitment to details in design is truly surprising when discovered. Please enjoy the various designs which TOOT has created with passion and playfulness.


TOOT continues to aim for ultimate comfort. The reason for men being captivated by our underwear is not only because of our three dimensional front cup that gently wraps and lifts up to ensure excellent comfort. The stretch fabric that adjusts to active movements, the patterns designed by draping fabric onto the body, the flat stitching made to smoothly make contact with the skin, a fit that is fine tuned one by one in accordance to the thickness of the fabric.These all come together and give a truly unique experience to the wearer of TOOT.



TOOT underwear is passionately constructed through a number of manual processes that require special skill. Three-dimensional sewing with a four-needle sewing machine as well as flat seaming are some of the methods of artisanship that are used at our factory in Hyuga City, Miyazaki Prefecture. The passion, affection, and uncompromising effort fuel our pride in sewing which is a core value to our exceptional quality. For example, it can be easy to grow tired and cut corners on a project, but the TOOT artisan is unwilling to take such action. The artisan’s commitment to make TOOT underwear are big reason as to why our underwear outlasts others. To add color to your everyday life, TOOT releases new pieces such as underwear and apparel every week. Experience the creations of TOOT in accordance to the season and fashion.


TOOT releases a collection of spring/summer and fall/winter based on the season’s theme. The worldview created based on the theme is transmitted through underwear together with comprehensive creatives such as LOOKBOOK visuals, movies, and music. New collection lines are released weekly, and all products are limited and not reproduced.


The “TOOT BASIC & COLORS” series has been loved by customers for many years as an entry model.