RED, for a new era

"We set out to tailor underwear able to endure regular machine washing, all while retaining the quality of pure silk."
TOOT and SHIDORI® together accomplished an ambition nobody else could.

No special care required.

Silk offers high biocompatibility with human skin, excellent moisture wicking and hygroscopic properties as well as being naturally odor resistant making silk the optimal material for underwear. Since maintaining silk is challenging because of its unsuitability for machine washing, ‘Washable silk’ is widely used instead. However, this type of silk fabric is made by coating silk fibers with a water repellent polymer. This completely eliminates the naturally comfortable feeling that natural silk has on skin.

TOOT’s Silk Boxers are luxuriously made with cutting-edge SHIDORI® silk materials. Cutting out the need for hand-washing and use of special detergents essential to maintaining silk products. This material is fade and shrink resistant even when washed regularly, retaining the sleek and soft texture of spun silk.

Over 460 years ago, a culture of silk was born that has been passed down
through generations to finally be inherited by Sankaseiren Corporation,
founded in 1970 in the historic city of Kyoto.
Hoping to preserve its future potential, they focused on the high-quality proteins in silk,
and through Japanese state of the art technology,
they successfully developed the natural silk material SHIDORI® .

95% Natural Silk

We have accented the entire waistband and body of this product with silk. Rather than sewing on a quality indication and care instruction tag, we decided to print the label directly on the piece so that the silk embraces your skin properly without causing discomfort. Allowing you to truly feel the experience that is SHIDORI® silk.

Fabric: 95% Silk, 5% Polyurethane
Waistband: 63% Silk, 20% Polyester, 10% Polyurethane, 7% Nylon

The gentle caress of silk on skin

Silk’s high protein composition makes it the most compatible natural fiber on human skin. Due to its stunning biocompatibility with the human body, even those with allergies or sensitive skin can enjoy the experience without the worry of irritation.

Absorbent and moisture wicking: When compared to cotton, silk has 1.3 times the absorbency and 1.5 times more effective moisture wicking, easily absorbing and wicking away perspiration, helping you stay dry and comfortable even in warm seasons.

Odor resistance and deodorization: Antimicrobial properties in silk assist in keeping your skin fresh and clean by promoting odor resistance and deodorization.

High quality fabric made from natural materials

Our Silk Boxers are comprised of a special fabric and waistband which allows you to experience the sleek feel of spun silk as it gently caresses your skin. This natural silk underwear is developed for men who strive for quality in life. Use these boxers in your personal life, or give the blessing of comfort to a friend as they also make the perfect gift.

  • While this product is made from silk, it can withstand daily use.
  • As the fabric is highly resistant to deterioration, it can be machine washed regularly.
  • Long time remaining distinctive texture of silk.
  • High resistance to fading and shrinking.
  • *Avoid tumble drying.

Silk Boxers

  • Colors: BLACK , NAVY , RED
  • Sizes: S , M , L , XL