Starting on December 4th, we will be hosting our 2019 CHRISTMAS FAIR for the upcoming Holiday Season. We have made a unique 2019 TOOT original mug to help you stay warm this winter. Moreover, a wide range of winter items will be arriving during this fair period, so please check out the TOOT official website to find your favorite items.

■2019 CHRISTMAS FAIR Details
Dates and Time:
From 6:00 AM Wednesday, December 4th, 2019 until 5:59 AM Thursday, December 26th, 2019
Please note that dates and time are in accordance to JST (Japan Standard Time).

■Novelty contents
Per order
12,000yen (incl. tax) ~: 2019 ORIGINAL MUG

Please Note!
* Novelty will be included depending on the final payment amount per order. If the billed amount after using points is less than the set amount, novelty cannot be included.
* Novelty bundles are only available for those who made purchases on the TOOT official website.
* Due to high order volume, there is a possibility that product shipments will be delayed.
* Once the novelty item is out of stock the novelty will either change or the fair will end early.

马上圣诞节即将来临了,TOOT也将于12月4日开始举行圣诞节购赠活动。我们准备了能够陪伴您度过寒冬的精致马克杯。在欢庆期间中也将会有数个色彩丰富的高品质产品陆续上市,给您在寒冷季节中添加一份暖气。请务必在TOOT Office Website中寻找出属于您的那一款产品!


JPY12,000日元(含稅)〜:2019 TOOT精致马克杯



This is the original mug printed with TOOT logo. The inner side is painted with TOOT brand color red as the accent of the design. We give our best wishes to you this holiday season while you enjoy staying warm, drinking hot chocolate, eggnog, or coffee with your 2019 Original mug.
Size: diameter: about 8.7cm, height: about 9.2cm, volume: about 360ml

有著TOOT LOGO印字的TOOT原创精致马克杯。 内侧使用了TOOT的品牌颜色红色,充满了设计感的一款马克杯。 最适合在寒冷的冬天裡,饮用暖和身体的热咖啡与可可时使用。
尺寸:直径约8.7公分 x 高约9.2公分(容量约360ml)

Expiration date of the point

*Your points will expired after 13 months from your last shopping(with logging in). You can check your latest shopping date from here.

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