'Reflector Line super nano' odor issue investigation.

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Dear valued customers.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by the odor issue of our product named 'Reflector Line super nano (Product ID: SN39J371)', which we have announced on October 7th, 2020.
Here today, we would like to report its cause and deodorant procedure, our future products;
1. Cause
2. Deodorizing at home
3. Our future release products
4. Voluntary recall announcement (URL link for who have not been requested to us to exchange/refund yet.)

1. Cause:
The cause of the odor is due to the treatment agent which is used in the process of manufacturing the fabric in order to improve its fastness property.
The investigation by the supplier of this fabric states that this treatment agent does not include any hazardous substance which is prohibited from use, and both touching on skin and its odor inhalation are no harmful to health.
And they also reported us that no health damage have been issued with the fabric of the same production method thus far.

2. Deodorizing at home:
In the process of investigation for deodorant, by performing an industrial deodorant processing the odor was reduced, which is the process available only in the industrial procedure.
At the same time, it is also found that the material itself has a little peculiar odor due to the dyeing process and the characteristics of material itself.
Based on this result, deodorant procedure in general household is as follows;
- Wash this product in the way indicated on the washing instruction label sewn on the inside of this product, then after washing, dry it in shady and well-ventilated place for longer time. (Please keep away from direct sunlight.)
- Repeating this washing/drying process is effective to accelerate deodorizing.
- To avoid other clothes/underwear having this odor, please wash separately.
- After washing and drying, store the product in a well-ventilated and shady place keeping away from direct sunlight.

3. Our future release products;
Our future products utilizing the similar fabric is already processed its industrial deodorizing at the fabric factory before sewing.

4. For customers who have not been proceeded its voluntary recall;
If you still own this product and have not been requested us by replying past announcement email, please feel free to reply this mail and inform us the number procedure you request indicated on the below URL link;

TOOT voluntary recall method for "Reflector Line super nano".

Again we deeply apologize for any inconvenience this issue caused to our customers.
We promise to keep on pursuing the best quality control system and to strive for preventing recurrence of similar issue.

With sincerest regards,